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Default Re: 1151 or 2011?

lol was about to say the same about 1155

I would go with LGA2011 i7 3820 and then upgrade to 8core IB-E

I7 3820 can OC to 4.7ghz and still be "wattage friendly" ~ 1.35v, while SB-e 6core eats watts like crazy, ok not FX8150 crazy but almost the same when OC'ed 4.8ghz+

or a bit $$

or maybe ask them for this newer intel G28808-602 (DX79SI) if its already available
-In January this year, Intel announced that deliveries of chipset Intel X79 C1 stepping to consumers will begin in 13 April. With this chipset revision for LGA 2011 processors users hopes on the emergence of official support for additional ports SATA-600 interface and SAS. Previous C0 stepping chipset Intel X79 supports only two ports SATA-600 ports and four SATA-300.

This week, Intel has issued a notice of early deliveries of DX79SI and DX79TO motherboards, based on a new stepping C1. Consumers will receive them after the 21st May. The new motherboard revision numbers are G28808-602 (DX79SI) and G28805-402 (DX79TO). Motherboards based on chipset C0 stepping, have these numbers G28808-601 (DX79SI) and G28805-401 (DX79TO), respectively.

16gb ram2133mhz CL9, better for OC'ing with 125mhz clock and x1.25 multi
or go crazy with 32gb

i7 965x vs 3820, i7 920 looked crippled with no OC

i7 3820 vs IB i7 3770k

here its a little slower, but you can save$$ now on 3820 and rock on 16 or even 20 thread IB-e later
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