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Default Re: GK110 to feat a 512 bit bus ?

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Dynamic parallelism is a great idea. It will work well for API calls that have well defined layouts (i.e. one function calls the next calls the next, etc.). It will certainly help with slower CPU's, but the feature will be very dependent on driver optimization.
It certainly is interesting, it also reminds me of the project Denver nvidia talked about a while back.
Idea was to implant ARM core within GPU to handle tasks that would have been otherwise a job for main CPU.
I'm decently sure that GK110 is the chip in Denver talked about and the dynamic paralleism and such operations work within ARM core in GK110. (I also could be horribly wrong. )
Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
This makes me slightly nervous about the future of GPU's as both companies have demonstrated deficiencies in their drivers sets, AMD more so than Nvidia.
Drivers and tool sets will certainly be even more important as cores (SMs) become more and more simple in search for power efficiency and the directing of them will fall more to software than some silly branch prediction units and such.

Great talk about power efficiency and computing. (How software and hardware have to change.)

And future.. (Echelon project2017?)
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