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Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
to be honest, the CPU race is a bit stagnant lately.
AMD is completely outclassed and intel is taking advantage of that. It does not help that most software are *still* not taking advantage of wide multi-threading (so, no real point of going with more cores for most applications) and that generally, software is playing catch up.
In short: there are very few applications today that can take advantage of an increase in computing power. If you have a 1366 processor, which is still quite a beast, you would see very little gain in switching (except if you do a lot of video compression, where either a more powerful 2011 CPU would help for best quality x86 encore or QuickSync on IVB for much faster one at the cost of a bit of quality).

Look at usage today for most people:
- browsing the web: even the lowest APU can do it. Flash is the only stressful app and is getting better and going away
- email/office apps: no CPU stress
- video games: graphic limited. get a GTX680 rather than upgrade CPU/MB/RAM
- boot time: first, don't boot and use sleep modes or use a SSD
- video compression (already more rare): use quickSync (1155 platform)

So, I know it's not quite what you want to hear (looking for excuses to upgrade and get new toys?), but I don't think you can get a good return by changing your Mobo unless you really have a precise need for it.
This pretty much sums up my stance right now regarding my present mobo and CPU- I've the itch to upgrade to no real need.

Got HT disabled, Turbo disabled, no overclock and this CPU is still faster than what I need. So I'm upgrading other things, such as maxing the RAM out (already done), getting larger and better drivers (larger SSD for boot drive, maybe a large SSD for dedicated steam drive or just a larger and faster HDD, larger HDD for storage, improve the cooling in my system, etc)... kinda' just perfecting my current rig I guess.
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