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Default Re: Allow pixel clock > 400MHz

So its true, stupid hard coded 400Mhz limit in the drivers.... LAME.

People with 680's can do 500+MHz pixel clock with ease in Windows.

Will NVIDIA fix it though? I mean there was a thread a while ago that they completely ignored, but replied in that thread relating to another issue, yet ignoring the main issue......

It will be like Stereo 3D I bet, nerf running 4K displays (and thus high pixel clocks) so only Quadro cards can run such resolutions or refresh rates....

NVIDIA Linux Devs Please Take NOTE:

Your Engineers have already stated that Fermi's can run 450MHz, and Keplars can run much higher. If your own Engineers can state that, then please remove the hardcoded limit from the Linux drivers.

There is a whole thread on that posts the replies from NVIDIA on this subject, but I'm too lazy to hunt them down that the moment. They also explicitly state that 400MHz is the limit in SLI due to the SLI bridge bandwidth limitations...... but thats only when using a pair of cards in SLI (or a dual GPU 690).
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