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Default Re: Looking for a new monitor...

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Wouldn't we all m8, wouldn't we all......This is why the majority buy Fords and not Ferrari's.

You certainly won't be disappointed with the Dell U2412M, its a very good monitor for the price.
I think I will. Even though it's not up to Slawter's standards ( ) it's gonna' be a step up from what I was using, and what I am using. Though this little Dell I'm using now displays a pretty good image IMO, I just don't like the lack of screen real-estate. Figuring I'll wait till about this time next month before making the purchase. Now that I've got a solid monitor to focus on, I have time to do some research on the different kinds of IPS, the pros and cons of LED, etc. Pretty certain that's the monitor I'll get but like I said, waiting a month mostly so I don't have to dip into savings for this and I want to read professional and user reviews.

Maybe one of these days when I'm a mutli-trillionaire like Slawter I'll be able to afford all those nice things.
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