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Default Corrupted display - 295.53 - Dell Precision T3500 (G98 [Quadro NVS 295])

Happens about once per day or so, and if I'm lucky, I can remotely log in and reboot my workstation. Half the time I have to perform a hard power-off by holding the power button.

Usually the display will start showing some random pixels and then become severely distorted (fuzzy) after a few seconds. By then the console is completely unresponsive, or at least I don't see any display updates.

NVIDIA driver version is 295.53. I submitted an email with the bug report but I'm not sure if I'm also supposed to post about it here??

Is there a setting or something where I can perform a trade-off of some performance for increased stability? I feel like I'm running Windows 3.1 or something...
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