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Post Total War: Shogun 2 Map Editor Totally Out Now

It's apparently DIY Day in the gaming industry. First, ShootMania came down with a case of BetaMania and indulged in TrailerMania to celebrate. And now, Creative Assembly's seen fit to lunch Total War: Shogun 2's long-awaited map editor. (Yes, two semi-related events apparently qualifies them for 'day' status. It actually makes perfect sense becauseā?¦ shut up.) Simply titled The Editor ' which has somewhat amazingly been designated 'Ted' for short by Creative Assembly ' it's described as 'a powerful tool that enables users to alter terrain type and height, and comprises libraries boasting hundreds of unique battlefield props, such as trees, buildings, railway lines and coastal batteries.' The Editor is also, of course, free, so simply venture over to Steam's tools section and chant a fewincantations to summon the fearsome Might of Ted. Alternatively, if you'd like to hear a bit more about Creative Assembly's future plans for mapmaking and ease-of-use, head past the break. But beware, you may incur the Wrath of Ted by doing so.


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