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Post Ron Gilbert goes exploring in The Cave

Sega / Double Fine

After weeks of teasing and a slow drip of character reveals, Double Fine and Sega have finally revealed more details about the Ron Gilbert-designed The Cave, an action-adventure/puzzle game that is being described as a mix between games like Gilbert's Maniac Mansion and Metroid/Castlevania-style exploration.

Players will choose three of seven potential characters, each of which is searching for something a bit allegorical in the titular cave. They can either switch between them in single-player mode or explore with up to two other local cohorts. While The Cave's protagonists will all be silent, the cave itself ends up being one of the most defined characters in the game, narrating the action and opining on philosophical topics throughout.

The Cave has the run-and-jump controls of a platform game, but the focus is on adventure-style puzzles that require teamwork and sometimes ridiculous logic to solve. To give you an idea of the adventure-game logic involved, one puzzle described in early previews reportedly involved fixing a hot dog vending machine with water, then using the meat tube and a bell to lure a dragon into a knight's path.

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