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Default Re: Looking for a new monitor...

Originally Posted by Dr.Nick View Post
I had a chance to check out the 27" I linked to earlier in person and I have to say that it most definitely deserves a look. The monitor itself looks a little fugly but the panel looked fantastic in store. Basically a cheap u2711. If you have a MC close by you should go take a look in person. For $400 it would probably be my top choice though I would also add a protection plan to it just to be safe
There is a thread with pics over at [H]
I dunno man... I'm pretty sold on that Dell. I do wish it were the 27" but my previous 24" monitor was big enough. I'm not sure how much I'd really appreciate the 3", ya' know?

Besides, I also need to be realistic- I don't have a lot of room. That 24" HP I had filled up my desk almost perfectly. 27" would fit, but it may be over kill not leaving room for anything else.

I'm sure that monitor you linked to is fine, but it costs $100 more, is a no-name brand. Sure it may produce a great image but will I start having issues with it a year or two down the road? I know Dell makes solid displays and honestly I value longevity over image quality and with that Dell I'd be getting both.

I do appreciate the input though, I am keeping all things in consideration still but have to admit I am strongly leaning towards the Dell.
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