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Default Re: NVidia 96.xx.xx & 173.xx.xx Legacy drivers donít work in Ubuntu 12.04

Hello all.

I would also like to have the 96.xx.xx driver upgraded for the ABI 11.

I've got an MX 440, which replace a GTS 2 in a machine that was my primary computer years ago, and has stayed around as a very quiet, very reliable, and with regard to add on cards, interfaces etc. very well equipped machine - not the fastest, but very versatile beyond any of the more modern ones I own.

nVidia, if you should decide to not update that driver, I would also ask you to consider releasing the source code. After all, if it's old enough to be phased out, it may also be old enough to not cause you any harm or loss if taken to the public.

And then, we could either carry it to ABI 11 on our own (at least for small changes, I've repeatedly patched nVidia drivers when Linux upgrades became incompatible for myself), or the people developing noveau drivers could ensure that they support all functionality of the original nVidia driver.

Only *not* upgrading the driver, and *not* releasing its source code either (or all the relevant technical information) would put users with that card into a deadend (and, as I'm using SGI 1600SW displays + MultiLink, which often show black screens on never nVidia cards, into the necessity of completely replacing both their cards and their rather nice displays!!!), and finally fail completely on the promise made years ago: that nVidia should be, for historical reasons, and their clearly pronounced committment, the better choice over ATI with less driver hassles and better functionality for the Linux platform. I hope that's still the standard you like to be measured against :-)

(I've posted smaller/similar notes in two other threads on the same topic, because I've discovered this one only just now.)

Thanks a lot in advance - keep up our good work and -
Kind regards, Joerg
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