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Default Re: Epic Reveals First Details of Unreal Engine 4

Originally Posted by AngelGraves13 View Post
For everyone saying they're not impressed...

Think of what games will look like in a year or two when they're made using UE4. No more fake lighting, that'll disappear. Heavy use of amazing looking effects, especially particles, will be available in all games using this new engine.

In other words, the majority of games will look amazing, as most use Unreal engine to make their games.
What I look forward to more than a new game engine, is the next generation of consoles. Because until then we're going to be held back by this present generation.

I'm really excited, as even though the rumored specs for the next-gen consoles couldn't hold a match to a top-end PC... what developers are able to accomplish with that hardware... that's what I'm looking forward to. Case in point- look at what they're already pulling off with what is essentially a 7800GT and X1800XT. Rather great visuals for such dated hardware.

Now, imagine what they'll be able to accomplish with the rumored specs of these next gen consoles. Only then will we start seeing some really impressive improvements to games. Improvements to not just the "graphics", but physics, AI, etc. All of it... that is what I'm excited about.

I could see a lot of awesome coming from UE4. But that's just a part of the bigger picture, imo.
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