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Default vapor chamber tech upside down

according to the nvidia website :

" The GeForce GTX 690 is cooled via a pair of custom vapor chamber heat sinks. Unlike a traditional heat sink that uses conduction to move heat away from the GPU, a vapor chamber exploits the superior heat conducting characteristics of evaporation. Inside each vapor chamber is a small amount of purified water. As the GPU heats up, the water evaporates, carrying away heat in the process. Once the vapor reaches the top of the fin stack, it cools, condenses, and the process repeats itself. It's similar to a miniature form of water cooling but, because the liquid is entirely self contained, there's no need for tubing and no chance of leaks. "


since most gpu cards are placed fan faced down , all the purified water isnt touching the gpu side of the chamber but the fin's side and the hot vapor is hanging against the hot gpu side of the chamber doing very little . So i would like to know how they make it work
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