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Default Re: vapor chamber tech upside down

Vapor chambers are very thin. It's not really the issue of moving vapors from one top to bottom but being able to pull heat more away from the GPU quicker and more efficiently. Take a CPU heatsink as an example. Heat rises so having a taller heatsink would seem to make more sense. The issue is that the farther away from the CPU the longer it takes for heat to transfer through the metal. You could put a 4" heatsink on a CPU and it probably has the same cooling abilities as a 12" heatsink because the top half of the cooler would never really have heat reach it before it is dissipated. Most tower heatsinks now use vapor chambers because they can quickly pull all of that energy from the cpu out to the farther parts so they can be used to help cool the CPU. The GPU has the same effect except its sideways from the front to back of the card. If you have a GPU die centered on the card there could be as much as 5" on either side that could be used for cooling. Once again the issue is that the metal which is farther away won't be nearly as effective in reducing heat. By allowing the vapors to flow back and forth through the tube, they will pull that heat from the gpu to the outer areas much faster.

The entire tube that is near the GPU die is probably the same tempurature on both sides, so it doesn't matter which side the liquid is sitting on. The important part is that the liquid needs to make it to the ends of the tube so the additional fins can be put to use.

I would guess that the expanding and condensing of the liquid is what makes the process work. As it expands it probably pushes more liquid toward the GPU. I would guess that the orientation of it make little difference as to how well it works.
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