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Default Re: i3 one core runs hotter than the other

It's normal for the cores to report different temps. My Q6600 would have 2 cores about 5C higher than the other two. Are those your idle temps? What really matters is what the load temps are. 35C is not hot at all so there is nothing to worry about there.

The only things I can suggest is that you would need to "bake" in AS5 as it requires several heating and cooling periods to work fully.

If you look up some info about temp monitoring programs like RealTemp have a way to try to set the sensors a bit more accurately. It's possible that the sensors aren't displaying the correct temps as they are not really meant to be an exact science for the dies. The other thing to remember is that your cpu is still doing idle background tasks so one core might be running far more often than the other. Under load both cores are going to be fully utilized and probaly show closer numbers. 28C is just above room temp which says to me that either the sensor is off or the core is basically turned off.
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