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Post So what's playing Diablo III really like? The OpenForum weighs in

Sure, there's been some bumps along the way, but is Diablo III

Earlier this week, our own Gaming Editor Kyle Orland reported on Diablo III's recent problems with servers, programming, and notably, post-launch fixes to the game's character skill building. Keeping all technical problems in mind, how good is the Diablo III experience?

Over at the Ars OpenForum's'Perpetual Diablo 3 Thread! GAME IS LIVE!',readers have been discussing the title since early May, just before the game launched, and have evaluated the game from all sorts of angles in more than 3,900 posts.

The thread begins with a useful set of Diablo III resources that Jebus H Cripes posted for all players, which includes the Ars battle tag list, server status page, known issues list and more.But if you still haven't decided if you want to invest in the game, the discussions inside the forum add some insight in addition to our review of the game, including updated thoughts on how the game has evolved since that review first ran.

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