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Default 302.11 driver only allows native resolution settings of laptop DFP

Distro: Ubuntu 12.04
Kernel: kernel
X Server
PC: Dell m1530 laptop
Card: GeForce 8600M GT
FP Display: Seiko/Epson 1920x1200
NVidia driver: 302.07 and 302.11
Previous drivers (295 and prior) permitted many resolution options on my laptop screen (both via xrandr and nvidia-setting app). My only option now is 1920x1200. I tried adding metamodes to my xorg.conf file but the modes were ignored. By chance is the EDID info not properly discovered?

I also tried adding modes via xrandr, but those attempts also failed.

I am dreading that the answer is using Transform and/or viewportin/out xorg.conf configurations. Please say it isn't so.

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