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Originally posted by Edge
The Xbox version isn't Condition Zero, it's just an updated port of the origional CS with new maps and graphics. It doesn't have the single-player campeign of Condition Zero.

Though I don't think the PC version is out. But they've had the pre-order boxes for the PC version of CS:CZ out for some time now. At least the full game isn't out in in America, but I guess it could be out in Europe or something like that. Not including China, where almost everything is out "early"

But maybe he's a magazine editor who got a full version of the game
Well it's not avalible from the 'proper' channels in the UK - so I'd be *very* surprised if it is in Spain that way....

Yes I guess that's possible.... Valve/Geabox/Vivendi/whoever gave him that copy to review and he got stuck reviewing so he came here for help

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