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Default Re: Random crashes, NVRM Xid messages

Originally Posted by ssambantham View Post
Hi muadib25,
Could you please provide below details?
Hello Ssambantham! Certainly!

Originally Posted by ssambantham View Post
1. what is the settings you do while running flight simulator? (Can you mention exact settings?)
2. For how much time we need to play for getting a repro?
3. what is the flight simulator version you use?

1. I run it on 1600x1200, I've also tried 1280x1024 having the same effect, regardess of the resolution.
Here are the Nvidia-settings config file with the Flightgear settings I am using ('.fgfsrc' must be in the normal user's home folder when running the sim) both in the same archive, and another archive with my Xorg.conf :

2. It can be between seconds after running the sim and after 5 minutes.
Hangup durations: 10-20secs. (On the 3.2.17 realtime kernel, many times the hangups/freezes do not recover, hard reset using PWR button being the only option)
Hangup repetitions: Every 5 secs of gameplay for 3-8 times in a row... until I move the mouse to the upper corner and wait till the system unfreezes and press 'X' on the window/kill the program. It rarely happens, though, that I get in the beginning only 2-3 hangups/freezes in a row, allowing me to play for some minutes before another freeze occurs.

3. The sim is called Flightgear. ( I use the latest developer Git version, instructions can be found here:
Prerequisites: Boost, OpenAL, ALUT, PLIB and other OpenSceneGraphDependencies (eg, libpng), OpenSceneGraph 3.0.1.

Remark 1: If you are having difficulties/lack of time in installing FG, and since such a bug hasn't been reported by other users/developers, I can record a video at the time the bug occurs using my smartphone, if such a video can be of any use.

Remark 2: The same NVRM bug appeared some months ago, last time I was using Blender 2.60a to render a scene. It happened when I was working on setting up a scene on the layout, not during rendering.

Remark 3: I ran a benchmark called ''Heaven Benchmark v3.0 Basic", which ran quite ok, no bugs or hangups/freezes.
Here are the results:

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can provide more info.

Best regards!
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