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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Started up BF3 for a short benchmarking session today and man, I instantly ran into Origin issues.

None of my games were listed on Origin, it just pointed me directly to the store. Redeeming a code resulted in a "already in use" message, obviously. The games were still associated with my account but I wasn't able to install or start any of my games!

For the first time ever for any game, I had to call the customer support. They pointed me to a server where I was able to download an older version of Origin. It worked again afterwards, luckily.

I still don't get why EA is forcing this piece of **** software on us! It's clearly not ready for prime-time and a buggy mess. Please give us back your games on Steam and shut down your failed attempt at a Steam copy, EA!
Holy crap. That's terrible. I once had no games, but I uninstalled Origin and reinstalled and they were back.

I had to call their support for missing ME3 pre order SP items. The first time I was told they are multiplayer unlocks, I was hung up on and had the ticket listed as a ghost call. Second time they just unlocked the items.
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