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The origin part isn't what bothers me, that's no different than steam imo, just not as mature yet. It's more things like the wank ending to ME3. Bioware seemed to have a grand finale in mind and kept promising big things. I wouldn't be surprised if EA thought it would take too long and "encouraged" them to just slap a hurried ending on it so they could get the ****ing thing out the door and start making money asap...
I really doubt that. I bet Bioware has total control and creative freedom in their games. They put out too many good sellers to be forced to produce.

I think EA is actually a great company as of recent, in the last 5 years or so they really have put out some great titles and people talking **** about them just want to get on the hate wagon. If there's a company who is churning out the same game every 6 months it would be Activision, I mean people look at Blizzard and ignore all their wrong doings but in reality its Activision pulling the strings. You all swallowed up their BS excuse for the reason to split Starcraft 2 into 3 games and accepted the horrible implementations in D3.
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