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IF you are a gamer and run your i7-920 overclock you want see much difference in games .I went from a i7-920 overclock 4.2gigs to a X79 and a 3820 and if I set the i7-3820 to 4.2gigs and benchmarks games there is very little difference .but the i7-3820 will run at 4.8gigs at 1.265v making it run cooler and use less power .now in other benchmarks the sandy-bridge-E can be up to 40% faster but in just game you want see much difference if you are running a high overclocked i7-920.The PCIe 3 is not going to make much difference since the pcie2 already has plenty of band width. but the other features should help in the future with a X79 board.
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