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Default Re: Linux GTX 675M support

Thanks for the response. Upon further investigation and talking to the sales guy at Power Notebooks (they alerted me to this problem in the first place) this may be in part due to a change in Ivy Bridge processors on how the Intel GPU is exposed to the OS. So it may be a combination of both Nvidia and Intel at work here. I'm wondering if later kernel releases would fix this, say by kernel 3.4 which is due very soon.

Either way it sounds like too much of a headache. So I ended up getting a PowerPro R 12:17-580 which has a GTX 580M. Which is exactly the same as the 675M but clocked a bit slower. The 675m seems to provide only about a 4% performance gain over the 580m.

The PowerPro is Sandy Bridge based. I'm not clear on the performance gain provided by Ivy Bridge, but it sounds like most of is in the Intel based GPU which doesn't affect me as I am buying the laptop for the Nvidia GPU.

Lesson learned here with Nvidia. I always bought their stuff knowing that Linux support would be provided. This looks to be no longer the case. Hopes to ATI/AMD getting their Linux drivers working better.
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