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Default GTS240 - Ubuntu 12.04 - nv302.11 - Still crashing

Since I upgraded my ubuntu to 12.04 I face crashes several times a day. 11.10 worked like a charm with absolutely no crash for months.
I have tried version 295.33, 295.40, 295.49, 295.53 and yesterday I installed 302.11 (from xedgers).

Crashes are of various forms :
- session gets closed and I get back to lightdm login (currently I have seen only this crash in 302.11)
- session is hanged : mouse can or can not move (both behaviours may occur). ssh connection and lightdm restart, killing xorg and restarting it don't work. The card does not respond to anything (even Ctrl-Alt-F1)

Watching videos (YouTube) often generates a crash (hw accel is disabled in flash since I experience bad colours bug : red is blue, blue is red, etc.). The crash happens in full screen as well as in firefox's window.

Most of the crashes happen when nothing special happens : writing a mail in thunderbird, working in virtualbox/windows xp/delphi, command-line in a gnome-terminal. I use gnome-shell, not unity.
I guess you will see more of the environment in the logs. The script was run after relogging after the crash.

If I can be of some help, testing workarounds for example, I'd be happy, please let me know.

Thanks for your help,

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