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Default Re: Linux GTX 675M support

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
Your fault for not informing yourself before shelling out the big bucks. Optimus isn't new and it's Linux situation is a known thing, so it's not like you can claim you couldn't have known.

If you spend big bucks based on assumptions and get burned, you only have yourself to blame.
The issue with Optimus under Linux has traditionally been Optimus does not work. You can only use your Intel GPU or the NVidia GPU with no power saving benefits. I'm ok with this and it has been known since Optimus first came out.

With the Ivy Bridge + 675M combo this has changed. Now Linux can no longer use the NVidia GPU at all. There is no clear information on this. In fact I was made aware when ordering a new laptop. The guys over at Power Notebooks informed me when I told them I would be putting Linux on it. After that I spent the better part of that Saturday searching and finding only one forum post (I believe here) with somebody not able to get their NVidia drivers to detect any screens.

If it wasn't for Power Notebooks telling me this problem I would have been unaware. I was lucky enough to find out before ordering a new notebook and purchased one with a supported hardware configuration. It is a lesson learned and I did not get burned on this one. NVidia will no longer be providing the Linux support they used to and will adjust making purchasing habits appropriately, more research. It's still not cool of NVidia.
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