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Default Re: Linux GTX 675M support

Originally Posted by geophph View Post
The issue with Optimus under Linux has traditionally been Optimus does not work. You can only use your Intel GPU or the NVidia GPU with no power saving benefits. I'm ok with this and it has been known since Optimus first came out.
Incorrect. What you're talking about is switching graphic cards with a hardware mux. But Optimus is *not* about switching, never was. Pure Optimus laptops do not have a hardware mux, and this isn't new with the Ivy Bridge + 675M combo as you claim it is. Some laptops do have a mux and a BIOS option for "integrated/dedicated/Optimus". But that's a feature they provide in addition to Optimus. The point of Optimus is to operate without a mux.

Originally Posted by geophph View Post
NVidia will no longer be providing the Linux support they used to
It's not on Nvidia alone to make Optimus happen. They need DMA-BUF. Texas Instruments, one of the major players in creating DMA-BUF, agrees that Nvidia should be able to have it. The rules of the Linux kernel, as quoted by the the Nvidia dev, agree that they should be able to have it. It's all here:

Originally Posted by tmack View Post
One can only wonder why that is the case.
Because Optimus has become ubiquitous and as such isn't something that's worth pointing out. Don't go looking for conspiracy theories where there aren't any.
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