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Default Re: Linux GTX 675M support

Originally Posted by geophph View Post
I'm a software guy, so I never bothered to understand what is happening in depth with Optimus mainly because I didn't care.
But in order to discuss this topic properly, you do need to care and know how Optimus works.

Originally Posted by geophph View Post
I've never heard of Nvidia GPUs not working at all under Linux until now.
Who said it doesn't work? Well ok, it may not with the current 295.53 and 302.11 drivers. But if you look at the release notes for 295.53, it added support for a whole bunch of 6xx cards, so I'm sure one of the next releases will add 675M support.
But that's support just for the GPU itself. Then still remains the usual problem that the GPU isn't connected to the internal display. So you need either proper support with DMA-BUF, or Bumblebee.

Originally Posted by geophph View Post
I will appropriately switch some of my blame on the kernel devs as well if it makes you feel better.
Heh. But this isn't about me, I don't have an Optimus laptop. It's about properly understanding the issue at hand.
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