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Default Re: What tablet do you prefer?

Well, so far I've seen nothing from anyone to base a decision on other than fanboyish comments about "settling" with zero actual facts given. Awesome.

I've used ipads and transformers for quite some time now. The "tweaking" for the droid....what? Everything worked perfectly right out of the box. But I digress.

ipad3 - Love it.
-software, retina display, aesthetics are all top notch.
-Only negative is the lack of physical storage options and lower battery life.

Prime - Love it
- storage options, fit and finish are tight, software works perfectly out of the box, keyboard has extra battery for 18 hrs life plus another SD slot.
-Negatives, physical dimensions slightly larger, won't sync as perfectly (if at all) as an ipad with my other apple products (good with win7 though).
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