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Default Re: 3D emitter lockups, Computer not locked up

Hi DragonDru,

As the original issue you mentioned "3D does not work after a period of time(more than a weeks time)" , correct me if I am wrong.

And you observe 3D emitter glow green and blue alternatively when this issue happens.

Could you help provide more step by step procedure to reproduce this issue.

1. What exactly when running for a week, you observe this issue?
2. During the whole week you are connected 3D emitter kit with system and configured and running 3D in full week. Or just you have connected and configured for 3D. But you are doing some other testing?

3. You mentioned, during week system is rebooted by user --> how many times system is rebooted and after reboot again you configured 3D?

Please help provide more details for above queries, since this seems to be not reported by other users and it could be HW specific problem.

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