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Post Dark Souls PC will use Steamworks

The delight of learning that the challenging sinister RPG, Dark Souls would be coming to PC was tempered by the presence of Games for Windows Live, which still lingers, like that guy at the end of a long house party that just won't leave. Wow, is that the time already, Games for Windows Live? It's been so nice to see you again and all but I have some pressing not-being-around-you matters to attend to. Oh, you want a coffee? Well..

The Dark Souls community has discovered a good, direct solution to this problem. A petition, with 22,736 signatures. Harsh, but effective. It certainly seems to have done the trick. Eurogamer report that Dark Souls will use Steamworks, though retail versions will still be tied to GfWL.

Ah! That'll be your taxi, Games for Windows Live. I'm sure we'll meet again soon, next year, maybe. Or whenever. No, don't worry, I'll call you. Goodbye now.

Dark Souls will arrive on PC on August 24. It'll have extra bosses, loot and a PvP mode. Check out these Dark Souls PC screenshots for an idea of how the port is shaping up.

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