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Default Re: Random crashes, NVRM Xid messages

Hi Ssambantham!

Glad to read you made it compiling the program! What is your hardware, do you use a GTX_260 for this?

Regarding graphics settings:

Open Attachment 43970 from my previous post. You'll find there a text file called '.fgfsrc'. Decompress it and put it in the user's HOME directory. It should take care MOST of the settings (graphics, nasal, network, etc). Don't forget to change the callsign to something else, as well as edit this line to match your IP!!:
As you can see if you open it, you can edit, uncomment and put new arguments without having to rewrite all this on the command line. More info on these commands can be found by typing
fgfs --help --verbose
. Btw, whatever you type on the command line OVERRIDES the ones at '.fgfsrc'.

Now, on the shell type:
fgfs --aircraft=ufo
When the game loads, right-click once to rotate the mouse function to the steering cross, PgUp for throttle and drag the mouse gently towards you.

The visual settings can be found up on the Menubar under 'View -> Rendering Options'.

Question: What does an 'NVRM: Xid (0000:02:00): 8, Channel 00000003' mean? Do you guys have a table as to what these warnings mean? I mean, it could mean that my card is damaged or something... Or?

Best Regards!
Motherboard:Gigabyte EX58-UD5 F12,
CPU: i7 920@2.80 GHz Quad core,
Memory: 12Gb RAM,
GFXCard: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 260 896Mb
OS: Gentoo Linux x86_64
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