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Default Re: What tablet do you prefer?

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
We have both Android Tablets and iPads here at work. The iPad 3s are the clear winner as far as I'm concerned, with the older 2s and Primes coming in second, Galaxy Tabs. Don't get me started... The 3 has some really nice hardware, the screen is second to none, but it's the software that seals the deal. Android OS is fine, but the apps just aren't there yet, and possibly never will be. Also SD support? Even when I had SD phones, I'd just buy the one card and use it the entire life of the phone. Apple do make an SD reader for the iPad, if you need it for a camera perhaps, but with 64Gb I can't see anyone needing to expand that.

It sounds like you're already in favour of the Prime though, so go grab it, if you're aren't going to be doing much more than web browsing, and basic (and I mean basic) office work then it's great. Gaming on the Tegra is nice, but a lot of games are ports from the iOS version and stutter and crash often. If you want more now, you'd have the go iOS. The multimedia and office apps are a lot further along.
Not necessarily, just looking for good user feedback from people who've actually used both for longer than a review period, thanks crainger.

And yes, both photo and video, but I've been restricting myself to 32Gb models, and was hoping for a way to get past the price premium for the next 32Gb.

I'm curious about the app comment though, because I haven't had any issues with androids apps - I do prefer apples though.

Office work - yeah, and lots of it I love the SDs for ease of moving large files to other's devices, and I'm not fond of the thought of tying an ipad to someone elses laptop to move a file, or tying up my wireless for extended periods if it isn't necessary.

Good feedback crainger - gave me a couple of things to mull over a bit.

EDIT: Avoiding Galaxy to btw
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