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Default Re: What tablet do you prefer?

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
About the apps. We've used a lot of cross platform apps at work, and I've played with a few games. Also tried a few of the exclusive apps to each platform. The iOS apps always seem to have more features, I recently had a thread on here where i compared a few Office Suites. I tried Polaris, Google Docs, Quick Office, DocsToGo and Apples own Suite. While the Android Apps were a bit cheaper, the were missing some key features, especially in Spreadsheets such as locking rows, dropbox support, or is Polaris' case terrible terrible performance and the fact it didn't support multitasking properly.

Other apps I use daily where I perfer the iOS version, Evernote, Spotify and Instapaper. I also love Downcast to sync podcasts across multiple devices (never found a decent podcast app for Android) also had problems finding a good todo app with decent syncing.
All this will change in time, but you have to ask, do I want a good tablet now or a year down the track, when you'll probably want to upgrade again anyway. ::

I can understand wanting to avoid the 64Gb prices, plus moving large files from one device to another isn't easy on iOS. We have smaller files and photos so Dropbox suits us.
Suffice to say I couldn't have asked for a better bit of feedback. If springing a few more $$ for the extra Gbs can save me daily app frustration then so be it, time to start shopping for company discounts on ipads.

Thank you kind sir.
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