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Post Multiple monitors on Windows 8 Release Preview: better, but still rough

Windows 8 Release Preview

The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 had a number of rough edges in its user interface, and Microsoft promised to address at least some of them in the Release Preview. The most prominent unpleasantness with the Consumer Preview was the handling of multimonitor systems, and specifically the interaction with the hot corners. The work done for the Release Preview makes the experience better, but some concerns remain.

To recap briefly: the Start screen is invoked by clicking in the bottom-left corner of the screen, the app switcher by moving the mouse to either left-hand corner and then vertically toward the center of the screen, and the charms by moving to either right-hand corner and then vertically toward the center of the screen.

In the Consumer Preview, only the corners of the "primary" screen'the one with the Start screen'were hot. However, in multimonitor settings, this made those corners very difficult to hit: the mouse cursor had to be positioned on the exact corner, without slipping over into the adjacent screen.

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