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Default Re: Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage

Originally Posted by Vanzagar View Post
There's a multiplayer option in the menus? Also, I see a .exe file for dedicated server...

Death Rally in 3D???

EDIT: I'm liking what I see in their forums. The actual game devs are in there answering questions and posting info. There is a lot greater chance of something actually being fixed if you can ask them to look into it. It also looks like the game is very easy to mod as you can easily open up the xml files and the .pep (zip) files.

@Max: Those screenies don't look all that impressive... Is there a lot of JPEG compression in them? I think the screenshots for Cobra 11 look a lot better. I'm seeing a few low resolution textures for some of the ground, makes me wonder if I would be able to stomach that.
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