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Default Re: Is the Video Game Industry Dying?

The video game industry isn't dying, but rather getting extremely stale. No new original ideas or stories, nothing we all haven't seen before. This has been one of my biggest pet peeves and it prevents me from buying most new games. Yeah, there are some games I will buy that are very similar to it's predecesor (CoD:MW for example) because I enjoy that concept/idea/game. But for others, I think it's hurting the industry.

I would say that methods of verification are hurting the game industry, but look at the sales. Diablo 3 is all about logging into before playing SP but yet it sold like crazy.

I want something fresh, something new. I want something that is polished right out of the box and has the entire gaming community look at it to say "Wow, they really put their time into this one" instead of meeting a deadline. Most game devs are simply lazy, and rely on "Oh we will patch it later" and crappy DLC to make a simple buck.

I could go on and on but you get my point. It's making me less of a consumer of video games the way things are being handled today, that's for sure.

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