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Default Re: Windows 8 Release Preview

I honestly don't understand the hate on Metro. By the time Windows 8 comes out officially, someone will find a way to disable Metro (or work around it) and we will move on with our digital lives.

My big thing is that you can still get to the Desktop and use it like a normal PC. Yes, Metro gets in the way a little but you can move around it pretty easily. And besides Metro, isn't Windows 8 just Windows 7 with some performance improvements? Who doesn't want that? I know I do! (Yes Windows 7 works just fine performance wise, but would it be a bad thing for it to perform even better?)

I'm welcoming Windows 8 personally; I'm a sucker for new OSs but I'm also very interested in how it will fit into the business side with my clients. I'll have Windows 8 installed the day it releases at work and in my VMs for sure.

Nekro and slaWter - OS X will eventually evolve into something else in the next year or two; I mean, we are at 10.8 this year already. Will the Mac side evolve to more iOS-like style OS? I wouldn't be surprised one bit if they did.

I guess we will all have to go to Ubuntu . . . .
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