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Default Re: Windows 8 Release Preview

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I honestly don't understand the hate on Metro. By the time Windows 8 comes out officially, someone will find a way to disable Metro (or work around it) and we will move on with our digital lives.
Thats not good either, i took my laptop to work with windows 8, let 40-50 people in various departments(IT, sales, production, customer service, quality, etc...) play with it

out of all those people 1 person liked it.

lets say 50% (more likelly 70-90%) of people will dislike Metro and will find a way to disable, install 3rd party tool to bring back start menu, fine.

MS will use that statistics to their advantage, saying windows 8 and metro is giant success because _____ number of people have it installed, while in fact more then half of those people will have it disabled somehow.

Metro simply does not belong on desktop, laptops, business, anyone that care about productivity, its fine on tablets and for people that like giant squares.

This OS should never be released on desktop PCs.
Windows 8 the next big failure, right after Windows ME
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