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Post Internet Explorer 10: embedded Flash, Do Not Track, and stable standards

Windows 8 Release Preview

Windows 8 Release Preview includes the sixth release previewof Internet Explorer 10. After several years of beating the drum of standards compliance and freedom from plugins, Internet Explorer 10 has surprised many with the integration of Adobe Flash. That's not the only provocative change the new browser makes: it enables Do Not Track by default, too. Standards compliance has also been further improved, and there are one or two interesting new usability features.

As previously reported, Internet Explorer 10 will include a Flash component, on both x86/x64, and ARM. This will be usable in both the desktop front-end and the touch-friendly Metro one. Flash will work on any site in the desktop browser, and on a select set of whitelisted sites, including YouTube, Netflix, and CNN, in the Metro browser.

While the x86/x64 desktop browser will allow any plugins, the Metro browser will not; nor will either of the ARM browsers. This puts Flash in a very privileged position. Even Microsoft's own Flash-like Silverlight runtime isn't getting the same treatment.

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