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Default Re: What tablet do you prefer?

My boss and I were talking about what kind of tablet I should get to read all of the books they are buying for me. He asked if I had an ipad, and I told him no, and he advised against getting one anyways because they aren't really that comfortable to read with. I agreed because I have a touchpad and I find its more comfortable to read kindle books with my phone than that thing.

After we talked about it for a bit, I said I would get a 7" tablet of some sort, because they're about the same size and weight as a small book, and unlike 10" or larger tablets, their battery lasts much longer.

That would be either the kindle fire, or the new google nexus tablet that is coming out next month (priced at $200, with some rather beefy hardware.)

As for "settling" - I currently have enough liquid assets to buy a small apartment. Nothing in the consumer space is beyond my price range.
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