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Default Re: What tablet do you prefer?

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
any lcd isn't comfortable to read with. If you are planning on seriously reading with a tablet, go e ink. Android is such a terrible experience compared to ios, you really just need to go with an ipad, and just get a memory card adapter for $5 if you really need it
It's not that at all, actually. Just holding a big obnoxious screen in bed is uncomfortable. Everybody I know who owns a kindle fire likes it a lot, and it's LCD based. Everybody I know with an ipad gives it mixed reviews for ebook reading at best.

And I'm actually quite comfortable reading one book from my phone (I've almost finished it in fact, reading it entirely from my phone.) An ios user wouldn't know what that's like because they are used to a tiny screen. However real phones allow the option of having a larger screen, so its a bit of a different experience (in my case, I have a 4.7" screen.) However I think a 7" screen would be ideal - not too big, and not too small.
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