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Post Found: prices behind Verizon's 300Mbps FiOS upgrades

An employee at Verizon revealed the price tiers and release date of its new FiOS structuring to The Verge today, saying that the service'which currently tops out at speeds faster than most other major ISPs at 300 Mbps'will be available on June 17th.

Ars reported earlier this week that the fastest level of service that Verizon is planning to offer (300 mbps download, 65 mbps up)will be equivalent to the limits of many dual-band routers. Today we learned that matching your router's maximum speed will cost only $5 more than what many of those who had Verizon's former fastest service (which topped out at 150 Mbps down) were paying. That service will cost $204.99 per month plus a $100 equipment upgrade unless you either sign a two-year contract, are a new customer to Verizon, or you already have the current 150Mbps Internet service.

The second-fastest tier (75 Mbps down, 35 up) will cost $84.99 and will also require a $100 equipment upgrade unless you meet one of those three conditions above.

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