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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for listening to spooky old records and peering out at the rain. Ah, the British Summer. Fortunately we've got a blazing hot internet to crowd around. Gosh, look at the glow!
  • Brainygamer argues that it's high noon for shooters: 'History rarely offers a precise road map, but it can sometimes point us in a useful direction. The decline of the Western ' the causes of its near-demise, and its reemergence in other guises ' are worth noting because I believe shooter games are on a similar trajectory. It will be 1959 at E3 next week, and we will find ourselves awash in barely distinguishable shooters. But it won't last. It can't last, and that's a good and necessary thing.' This seems optimistic to me. I bet the folks in comics thought they were going to get past the superhero thing back in the 1980s, but oh look. My suspicion is that we'll just have to hope that amazing stuff still happens in the margins. (And it will, as the next link testifies.) (moreā?¦)

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