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Default Re: Allow pixel clock > 400MHz

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Spyke, can you do me a favor and link to where you found the 680 being specified as having a > 400 MHz maximum pixel clock, please?
Aaron there is this whitepaper where it says that the gtx 680 has been tailored for next-generation 4k displays on page 26:

I know I have heard this other places as well. Sorry but 400 Mhz pixel clock is not enough for a 4k display, period.

I am using a 4k display via two dual link DVI links (each driving 1920x2400) for 3840x2400. This is only at 48 Hz and its 244 Mhz per half that is 488 Mhz in total bandwidth I am using to drive the display. And this is at 48 Hz. Seems like the linux driver needs to get fixed? People on windows can pump out 500 Mhz no problem.
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