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Default Re: Max Payne 3

During those interruptions, the side-screens black out. So it switches a lot but when you're in Surround it's just absolutely fantastic!

Framerate is good at 8144x1600 with FXAA and maxed Tessellation. However, it's not a constant framerate and it has a big influence on your aiming. Right when the bullet time kicks in, it suddenly drops into the low 20s. Not sure if it's related to vsync but I have to improve that. I'm going to wait for the 680s to arrive and then I'll see what I have to change for a more steady framerate. It shouldn't be an issue at your resolution though.
They're videos maybe that's why it doesnt scale across all screens, if you hit enter is says "still loading.." But agree the game rox and runs good too.

About those drops, could be surround/SLI specific. I saw some AMD xfire users saying the same with eyefinity - mostly by cinematic render sequences (DOF).

btw it doesnt use triplebuffer.. Maybe D3DOverrider fixes it, i didnt try it yet i played with vsync off.
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