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Default Re: Closed Captions for Stalker Call of Pripyat

Originally Posted by loinbread View Post

Download "Call of Pripyat English v1.0", but only install the following files:

gamedata\configs\ui\(entire folder)
gamedata\scripts\(entire folder)

Hope this helped! It will add an option to the sound menu that will let you choose "voices only" or "all sounds". I'm not sure if this extends to things like gunshots and the like, unfortunately, as it was only fan made! It was originally made with the intention of letting users player with Russian voices but still understanding what was going on (the official English translation and, bro, voice acting, bro, are absolutely, bro, terrible, bro!).

More developers should take Valve's lead and develop games with full closed captioning for the hearing impaired and options for colourblindness either through an option or the actual game design (TF2's team colours ensure that they're easy to see for the majority of people with colourblindness, and on top of that I believe there are further options to help this).
this didn't work for me. Any suggestions?
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