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Post Hands-on: News, Sports, and Travel go Metro in Windows 8 Release Preview

Will the Leafs have a Stanley Cup by the time Windows 14 is released?

Windows 8 Release Preview

One of the most striking Metro apps to be included in Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview was called Finance. It was developed by the company's Bing team, and it pulled in a variety of financial data'from business articles to stock prices'which was displayed in typical Metro fashion. Even for those users not remotely interested in Finance, it was a great example of everything a Metro app could and should be.

Imagine our surprise, then, to discover that the Bing team has since developed another three apps for the Windows 8 Release Preview: News, Sports, and Travel.Naturally, each app borrows a similar look and feel from Finance, with a big-picture cover and similar layout grid, but there are some important functional differences between the three.


After launching the app, you're treated to a big-picture view of one of the day's top stories. A swipe to the right reveals individual sections, such as US, World, Technology, and Business'all of which are a part of the so-called "Bing Daily."These articles are culled from a variety of sources'primarily wire services such as Reuters and AP'and clicking on a headline will reveal a clean, multicolumned reading mode, similar to a traditional newspaper view. In a sense, it's a glorified feed reader, but with some smart filters to bring top stories to the surface.

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