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Default Re: Windows 8 Release Preview

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I hate Win8 and metro. It's the worst thing to come up in a PC ever IMHO. It's a money grab from MS to cash into the AppStore idea. Trying to make a consistent interface between devices that are so far apart in how they are used that it breaks it's desktop GUI into an inefficient pile of junk that will at best require hacks to bring it back to normal.

First thing is it is inconsistent. No surprise there since if the enforced metro everywhere almost all of all PC programs would fail since they aren't designed for it. So you get some horrible hybridization of the desktop PC. Some apps will act like metro (MS designed ones at least), others will be desktop based as usual.

Second MS refusing to let developers make metro apps unless you go through an approval process is the worst possible thing ever. This isn't like their approved for Windows labeling they have now, this is a complete "we control everything" Apple BS that I hate. You want to make a metro desktop app even if it's free, you have to go through MS cause you can't get it any other way but through the MS store. That's a load of crap for PC systems. No side loading is going to be allowed for Metro Apps so if you wrote your own Metro based app with the FREE VS Express 2012, you can't even give it away without possibly giving out the source and having them recompile it on their metro desktop. WTF? So now we have to jailbreak our PC Desktops for unapproved metro apps.

Third Metro is a tablet interface. Desktop users need a desktop interface, not a Tablet one. The whole Metro Experience is clunky at best. Start menu might not be used much but at least it's not full screen and does not get in the way. The hot corners approach blows and slows down the whole GUI. Hover over in the lower right corner a second to pop this little menu up. You know what I do in Win 7? I go press the start menu button and it pops up the instant I press the mouse button, and I can access all the options/shutdown/programs/run instantly. Metro is complete step backwards in terms of GUI efficiency. The neat little feature of updating the "boxes" in metro apps is almost completely useless to desktop users. I run several programs at a time all the time so I am always in one of them, I am sure this is not a minority behavior of windows users that does this. Why would you need those updating metro boxes when most users will never be at the metro screen 99% of the time? It's a nice feature on a tablet because you always go back to the main screen and stay there when not actively using an app, but on a desktop the only ones that would see those updating boxes will be the people who use the start menu all the time, even then who just sits there and watches the start menu? MS already claims a majority of users don't use the start menu, so they change it to full screen with updating icons and they think people will use it more?

They made some of the internals of Win8 better, but they slowed down all the UI stuff and made the desktop more inconsistent for all desktop users. Overall it's a step in the wrong direction. It's as if a coffee shop learned how to make coffee faster and more efficiently and the only problem is they can only give it to you in cups made of polished feces. Yeah I'd like to get the coffee faster with less waiting, but you know what, I am not drinking from a cup made of feces.
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