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Default Re: Quadro 4000M: Internal display flickers with drivers from 290.10 on

Originally Posted by hvbakel View Post
After doing a bit more testing using 295.53 in ubuntu 12.04 I can say that, for me at least, this issue is invariably linked to dpms. On a fresh install I can work for hours without any display artifacts, but as soon as I've stepped away for a bit and dpms has kicked in to turn off the display (which fails for the NVS 3100M in the 295 series), the artifacts start occurring. I therefore think this problem is related to bug 938124 described in this thread: Perhaps the failure to properly turn off the screen somehow triggers this bug? New bug report for 295.53 is attached.
Just to make sure this doesn't fall through: For me with the Quadro4000M and HP 8760w "DreamColor", the issue most certainly is not related to DPMS.

I can readily reproduce the problem with my current 295.49 within minutes after logon and constant work, i.e. no screensaver/DPMS.
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