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Exclamation Re: Linux GTX 675M support

Hi all,

I am looking for a new laptop with updated cpu and nvidia gpu for CUDA and image processing - some designs based on Clevo's became very interesting (nice specs, price, etc..).

Which brought me here, looking for the situation of optimus support under linux for the sake of using the nvidia gpu - I really _don't_ care about the integrated gpu and don't plan to ever use it. Which turns out to be a situation, imho, very similar to geophph's.

Considering that nor manufacturers, nor nvidia provide details about what's really going on under the hood of any laptop, the _only_ reliable way to get the precious info (if the gpu will or not work under linux) is with people's reports.

So, thank you very much geophph for opening this thread, I will not buy a notebook with IVB+Nvidia combo as I don't intend to pay as much for an useless brick.

For Gusar: understanding properly the issue is indeed very important. If I didn't get wrong, the very issue of this thread is to provide information to others about the current state of _nvidia_ support in linux, and for now, it seems to be null for IVB+nvidia (anything with intel and nvidia w/o optimus these days??).

So you totally missed the point by pushing the DMA-BUF issue here. To attract new developers to solve the problem, I believe the lmkl is a better place to start.. But thanks anyway for your resume on optimus mojo.

If Nvidia can't deal with linux kernel people (because nvidia doesn't want to gpl their code) and if kernel people also can't (because they can't let go non gpl stuff there), it is sure not the topic. To that matter, you should consider that it is because of gpl that linux is where it is in the first place, so, personally, I support the kernel plp's decisions and believe that blames should go all to nvidia.
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