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Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
No, the state is not null. It's the same as it always was - to get Optimus running, you need to use Bumblebee, which is a hack created by the community. Why are people behaving as if there's suddenly a new situation now?
Ok Gusar, I've found this post (_ which reports a working IVB+nvidia under linux with bumblebee. But is it a *guarantee* that any other IVB+nvidia will work? There are certain scenarios where plp want more hardware than that Asus nb.

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
Then a laptop isn't for you. Laptops with the igpu deactivated are pretty much if not completely extinct. All of them are Optimus nowadays. And the point of Optimus is to run as much as possible on the igpu and only activate the Nvidia card for specific heavy-duty tasks (games, 3d modeling, and such).
Talking about scenarios, mine is just like that, I don't care about the igpu at all, even more if it doesn't do any good for me besides boring me with hacking other stuff than work. The fact that nvidia doesn't _mandate_ a bios/efi switch is enough excuse to blame them. There are *some* nb models with said switching scheme, but they're not everywhere.

Well, back to the topic, yes there is IVB+nvidia working, but maybe not what serves you best...
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